5589 Outdoor Double Sided PE Foam

Stylus SKU: 4884-24


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12MM X 10M
12MM X 66M

The 5589 high density black polyethylene foam with an aggressive acrylic adhesive is perfect for lightweight indoor and outdoor mounting applications. With a thickness of 0.80mm, this foam is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • Permanent bonding of materials indoor and outdoor
  • Bonding automotive badges, emblems, and body mouldings
  • Mounting point of sale profiles, decals, and name plates
  • General day-to-day bonding and mounting uses in the signage market
  • Fixing of various plastics, profiles, aluminum, and metal decorative trims
  • Ideal for transitioning any smooth surface substrate into a self-sticking profile for easy bonding and mounting.