3420 Cable Wrap Roll

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19MM X 25M
25MM X 25M

Cable Wrap Roll 19mm

Offers advanced closure methods, greater design flexibility, faster product assembly, and improved product performance than many other fastening methods like zips, screws, snaps, hooks and plastic cable ties. The hook and loop are pre-shrunk to insure maximum dimensional stability and flatness. 3400 hook & loop series product have been tested for Substances of Very High Concern and found to comply. It also offers superior, adjustable closure over a long life cycle. Will reduce the risk of damage to cords, leads & cables caused by crimping &/or over tightening of plastic cable ties. Cable warp can be mechanically fixed to most surfaces for permanent or temporary holding of leads, cables, etc

This product is ideal for use in cord & cable management, recreational & sporting accessories, toys & games, automotive, fibre optics, medical devices, in-plant maintenance, wire harnesses, packaging, entertainment, film & television, appliances, sign industry as well as the display and exhibition fields. Product is ideal around the home, office, garage, factory or entertainment venue.