Ubis 4850 Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

Ubis SKU: 2262-36


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Reinforced fibreglass kraft paper tape with hotmelt adhesive for heavy duty packaging.

  • Excellent adhesion even on recycled cartons
  • Solvent free eco friendly ape 
  • Fibreglass strands give the tape extra tensile strength for heavy cartons

Ubis 4850 reinforced fibreglass kraft paper tape is made with a strong fibreglass backing that's coated with an extremely high tack adhesive, so you can trust it to stick securely to a variety of surfaces - even recycled cardboard. One of the best things about this reinforced fibreglass kraft paper tape is its durability. It's tough enough to handle even the heaviest of packaging jobs. So if you need a tape that can stand up to tough conditions and provide a reliable, secure bond, choose this tape for a heavy-duty solution.