Kwikmask 60 General Purpose Masking Tape

Kwikmask SKU: 2009-48


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18MM X 50M
24MM X 50M
36MM X 50M
48MM X 50M


Kwikmask 60 General Purpose Masking is an affordable general purpose masking tape.

  • Natural rubber adhesive and high adhesive coat weight ideal for sticking to irregular surfaces
  • Moderate temperature resistance - 80ºC up to 30 minutes.
  • Hand tearable crepe paper 


  • Suitable for paint masking with no residue left when doing same day removal.
  • Can be used during appliance manufacturing to temporarily hold parts and fixtures in place and seal access holes prior to insulating.
  • Great for holding and packaging items around the office and home as well as crafting activities.
  • Can be written on with pen or marker.