Hystik 835

Hystik 835
14 day outdoor masking tape

This adhesive is designed to adhere indoors and outdoors to a variety of surfaces such as glass, vinyl, wood, cement, plaster, aluminium and metal for 14 days outdoors and still remove cleanly. The tape unwinds easily is highly conformable for easy application to most surfaces. Do not use on lacquered wood or lacquered surfaces unpainted wallboard, wallpaper, uncured coatings, or poorly bonded finishes. The tapes formulation makes it highly resistant to humidity & most solvents.

Mainly used by professional painters and decorators and the home handy for masking where the tape will be left on the job for up to 14 days outdoors before the painting is finished. Can be used by renders for masking around windows and door frames when rendering brick work. Should be used in applications where tape is outdoors for up to 2 weeks.

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835 HYSTIK 14 DAY OUTDOOR 24MM X 55M HYS1766 24mm x 55m Dark Blue 48 1-4 ctns $6.11
5-9 ctns $5.87
10+ ctns $5.67
835 HYSTIK 14 DAY OUTDOOR 36MM X 55M HYS1767 36mm x 55m Dark Blue 32 1-4 ctns $9.17
5-9 ctns $8.84
10+ ctns $8.52
835 HYSTIK 14 DAY OUTDOOR 48MM X 55M HYS1768 48mm x 55m Dark Blue 24 1-4 ctns $12.25
5-9 ctns $11.81
10+ ctns $11.40
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