Auto Taped Masking Film (Refill)

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Introducing our Auto Taped Masking Film (Refill) – the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle while painting or performing repairs. Our Auto Taped Masking Film (Refill) is a specially designed film that is perfect for shielding your car's paint, trim, and interiors from paint overspray, dust, and other debris. It is made with high-quality, durable plastic materials that can withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection for your car. The Auto Taped Masking Film (Refill) comes pre-taped with a strong adhesive backing that is easy to apply and remove. It's easy to cut to size to fit any surface and conforms to the shape of your car, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The film is also highly transparent, which allows it to blend in seamlessly with your car's paint job, making it virtually invisible. Whether you're repainting your car, performing repairs, or just want to keep it in showroom condition, our Auto Taped Masking Film (Refill) is the perfect choice for protecting your vehicle. Order now and protect your car with our durable and reliable film.

Note: If purchasing this product for the first time please purchase the Dispenser variant.